Rainforest Fragmentation (INPA - PDBFF).
Neotropical bat species.
Bat Acoustic research.
“the biggest project on the impacts of forest fragmentation upon neotropical bat communities"

PDBFF - Bats

In a nutshell

In tropical forests, bats provide critical ecosystem services regarding pollination, control of arthropod populations and seed dispersal and thus are crucial for the maintenance of healthy forest habitats. This study is being carried out in the Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project, Brazil, to study the long-term impacts of forest fragmentation on tropical forest bats. The reassessment of bat communities in forest fragments and control plots in continuous forest first surveyed in 1996-99 allows for a comparative follow-up study that will constitute the first long-term study capable of elucidating temporal changes in responses of tropical forest bats to fragmentation.

This is a really international project! We have project members from the following countries: